Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Take a look at these books!

There are some exciting new titles in the Children's Library.

The Big Picture Story Bible is just right for reading aloud to little ones.

The beautiful illustrations in If You Hold a Seed tell the story of planting and growing in the springtime.

A mouse, a fox, a cat and a magpie each tell a familiar bible story but through the eyes of an animal in Animal Tales from the Bible

New Books

Some new books made it into the Children's Library last month.  The Big Picture Story Bible is a new illustrated version of the bible for kids.  Great for reading aloud to little ones.  Older children might be drawn to Samson, a graphic novel retelling of the old testament story.  If You Hold a Seed is a unique picture book with dreamy natural illustrations.  These are just a sampling of the exciting titles that were added.