Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Compassion Sunday

In honor of Compassion Sunday, a collection of international/mission themed books were pulled out.  The children's library has some fine world atlases appropriate for young readers.  Along with simple rhyming books about different languages and children around the world, there were also some books published by Unisef, Heifer International and WEC.  These books are wonderful introductions to different cultures, the children who live in other countries and the ways in which we as Christians can pray for and support them.  A terrific addition to this theme was a book donated by the Balonek family called The Golden Chariot, True Stories of God at Work by Kids from Around the World. Curious children could also read some inspirational biographies about the missionaries Eric Liddell, Henry Hudson and Amy Charmichael.

  The short and simple book What is Your Language follows a little boy around the world as he says "hello" in different languages.
 Children Just Like Me is a beautiful book made by Unicef that shows the lives of real children around the world.  Some live in poverty, some are well-to-do, some live in the countryside, some in the city, but all of them are proud to show off their family, and school, best friends, and even how they write their name.  It's definitely an eye-opening book for children to learn and appreciate other cultures and see the common ground all children share.
 In Everybody Cooks Rice a girl is off to find her  brother.  As she goes though her multi-cultural neighborhood, she discovers that everyone is making some sort of rice for dinner.  From the Caribbean to Asia, the neighbors share their stories and their recipes of this universal grain.

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